Skippy. Mouse catcher extraordinaire (CH)


Hello there,Skippy

I am going to tell you all about my Chalet life…. It’s pretty good really. I get fed at regular intervals (if the office remembers) and I can roam free in the grounds too. I also get treats but I will tell you about that later.

If you have not guessed my name is Skippy Storrow and I am the Our Chalet cat. My main role here is protecting the chalet from all the mice and bugs and things that attempt to come into my home and being a good friend to all the guests that come through.

I am not the quietest member of staff, in fact if I don’t get fed everyone knows about it. I can keep it up for hours…. Honest! But when I do get fed I become quiet very very quickly, especially when it’s the wet food in the morning: I love the jelly!

I enjoy getting snuggles from different members of staff. Although I don’t like it when the Vollies change, I have to get used to a whole new bunch of people. But this does not take very long and become a loving kitty. I like cuddling up on peoples left shoulders and having my ears scratched… I’m not too keen on having my tummy scratched though. I used to be allowed in the office….. I miss the days of cuddling up in the in-tray and having a snooze in the sun. But I do enjoy playing games with Susanne….. can I sneak into the office without her noticing? (She is allergic to me, so I guess that’s ok then!) It does not happen very often but when it does I enjoy prowling the office and pretending it’s a castle. I leave my hair around… marking my territory is very important.

Another of my favorite pastimes is trying to get into Stockli; I like nothing better than climbing in through the windows and having a nap in the sun on those comfy beds. I regularly get evicted from there, but the Vollies never learn as they leave their windows open… lucky Skippy! I also like just to sit in reception on the windowsill and watch the world go by, it a good place to spot grass hoppers and mice. I can also see if my other cat friends are in the field so we can play together!

I know lots of different languages as I have picked many up from the different members of staff. I like to think that I am a very clever cat and much appreciated around Our Chalet. Oh another fun thing to do is to play with the cat flap. Letting it flap to and fro makes a nice sound…. But it really really annoys the people around me. Oh well its fun stuff and as long as I am happy nothing else matters.

Treat time is the BEST time of the day; I have a different selection of treats. So I never know which one I am going to get so it’s a yummy surprise. I like Whiskas the best; sometimes I even get a little bit of cream – that has to be my favorite. Sometimes I am given the choice, but I can’t read human language so I have a good guess. Having my nails cut is not very nice, but I understand why I have to have them done. But I get a treat after it so that’s all good.

After a long day of catching mice and roaming around the Our Chalet grounds I do like coming back to the office and eating the biscuits. The last thing for the day involves curling up in my bed and having a nice long snooze. A well deserved rest.

My Home On the Desk! Nap Time

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