STAFF: Putri (SG) My first (white) Easter celebration



My name is Putri and I come from Singapore. Singapore is as far away from Switzerland as you can get, with tropical weather and no mountains. Coming from the other side of the world also means that we have a whole different set of celebrations, with Chinese New Year being our most important celebration. This also means that this is my first Easter Celebration.

We woke up in pitch darkness to find chocolate eggs in our room doors, snow falling and to the sounds of numerous cars driving up our driveway at an early hour.

My first Easter Celebration started off bright and early, at 7am, with the Heilsarmee Band playing at our flagpole. It was awonderful sight, to see the staff gathering together and some villagers even came to see the band play! After that, we proceed into the dining hall to have breakfast with the band. Breakfast was a treat that day, with eggs, bacons, Easter bread, croissant and the usual spread of bread, cheese and jam.

During morning meeting, we learnt that our new catering coordinator, Katy Runacres was coming in later that day. We were pretty excited to meet her after hearing so much about her from the long term staff! We also found out that Rhianna, our Easter Bunny, had hidden packets filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies for each of us, with our names on it in either Spycher or Main Chalet! It was a very hard Easter Egg hunt: we were looking for at least an hour!Putri_EasterEggs

After lunch we dyed some eggs for Easter! While dying the eggs, we also found some paints and started experimenting with them. The end result was a painting of Our Chalet, a scherenschitte of a flower, Gerald the egg and Eve the egg among others. It was a very creative and productive afternoon for all of us.

Later that night, we welcomed Katy and Michael with a massive feast of roast pork, baked potatoes, peas, carrots, broccoli, Yorkshire pudding and trifle. It has to be one of my all-time favourite Chalet dinners, alongside the occasional fish&chips.

Evening programme started off with a 3 legged race, with an obstacle course. We had to crawl under the table, climb over the chair, hop to the “lava lake”, cross the “lava lake”, tap your partner’s head with the tambourine and vice versa, climb onto the table and cross it, hop once around the pillar and lastly, hop to the finish line.

The second activity of the evening was our egg rolling competition down a ramp.It was crazy, noisy and fun and I loved every minute of it!

Last but not least, a pub quiz! There were some questions, where we had no clue what the answer was. and some questions like, which school does the Glee cast go to(McKinley High) where we knew immediately what the answer was. And then, there were some questions where we had to write something down, and our team wrote down “sharkwhale” as an answer for them, just because.

All in all, I had a memorable time celebrating Easter in Our Chalet and with 1 ½ months to go (and the Centenary celebration coming up), more adventures in the Swiss Alps awaits!

Putri_Igloo Putri_Easter_Staff_Band

Putri Winata – Singapore
Spring Volunteer (2012)