STAFF: A winter wonderland – Monse (Chile)


Today is the last day of this unforgettable experience and that’s why I would like to write about the life I lived here with my fellow Winter vollies.

Winter crew 2013 - Elsighorn

Like always… When you are in a new place start was not easy… Getting used to live with 6 strangers and work in a new environment.

But slowly I became part of this place.

The view of the mountains at my window each morning, the morning meetings with list of daily jobs and the funny stories, lovely days on programme with nice guess, the afternoons singing at the kitchen and the nice cozy times with strangers that in not more than 10 weeks became my family.

The time went flying over our heads and between good and difficult moments, but somehow we learnt to enjoy the good times and to support each other during challenging ones. And those hard times were the ones that make us one… a team… a unique group of people that learnt to call home that wooden building and learn to call 6 strangers a family.

The Columbus of Elsighorn - Monse

Now time to say goodbye is here and nobody can stop it… not even our silly list of excuses “Reasons not to leave” that we’ve made and is now safely stored for future generations on our season’s volunteer page in Stöckli book.

We’ve said goodbye already to part of our family… but there’s this hope that we will meet again somewhere… sometime.

To the new vollies I wish you girls all the best… I hope you will have the time of your life!
To our Long term staff and interns… thanks for everything!
To Our Chalet, to Our Home and to Switzerland… thank you for this amazing time.
And how we say in Chile… Buena Caza!

Monse (Chile)

Winter Volunteer 2012/2013