STAFF: Karin (SWE) Guess what made me feel home away from home?


Hi, my name is Karin and I’m from Sweden. My time as a spring volunteer here at Our Chalet will soon come to an end. During my three months I’ve had so much fun, but sometimes I’ve missed being home. When that happens it’s nice to do things that reminds you of home. So when me and Eve realized that Eurovision Song Contest was happening on the 26th of May we decided that we had to watch it and organize a party with it for everyone to join!

Eurovision hysteria

Eurovision Song Contest is a live European music competition. All the European countries send a song and an artist to represent their country in the competition. They all sing and then you  can call in and vote for the song/show you liked the best (not your own country though). They then announce the winner which next year will host the whole competition!

Karin Bergman Spring volutneer 2012

For our party, because not all of us are European, everyone had to dress up as a European country to make it a bit funny for everyone!

Some of the countries that people dressed up as was: United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Albania, France, Greece, Turkey and Carly came as the “clueless American”. And Eve and I were the hosts so Eve went as the male host and I was the female. Eve’s beard was fabulous!

The show began and it was a lot of fun. Some of the songs were really good and some of them were really strange, like Russia’s song that was performed by six old ladies that were singing “party for everybody” while baking cookies on stage. After we had heard all the songs we did our own voting where we voted for the person who dressed up as a country the best and we also guessed which would be the top three songs.
Karin Bergman Spring volutneer 2012
The voting started and at the end the country that won was *drumroll* SWEDEN with the song “Euphoria” performed by the girl Loreen! SO EXCITING!

Last time Sweden won was 1999 and finally we won again! YAY! Next year the competition will be in Sweden and Eve and I are already planning on seeing it live!

The winner of best costume was Katy (our kitchen coordinator) and Eve and the person who had the best guess for the top three was Michael (Katy’s boyfriend).

This was the best Eurovision ever, not only because of the fact that Sweden won, but also because of the people I watched it with!

Farewell, So long, Aufwiedersehn, Goodbye…

I now only have four days left with spring volunteers and I’m going to make those days really good! I will then stay for an extra week working with the summer volunteers before I take the bus to  Kandersteg in the valley next to Adelboden to work for three months at Kandersteg International Scout Centre!

Karin Bergman Spring volutneer 2012

Karin (Sweden) Spring Volunteer 2012