My Personal Project at Our Chalet – Lizzie (UK)


I am a final year University student studying Primary Education, specialising in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion at the University of Cumbria. It has always been my dream since visiting Our Chalet on a day tour in 2012 to return as a volunteer. So here I am…. a summer vollie 2017!


During my final months at University before coming to Our Chalet for the summer I was working on an idea for my dissertation. I decided that Our Chalet would be a great opportunity to complete my project on. Therefore, I am looking at the influence that the opportunities provided by Our Chalet has on members of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. I have begun by interviewing some of the long term staff about their opinions and experiences here. Also, I am giving questionnaires out to all leaders that visit Our Chalet this summer to gain their opinions and thoughts too. My main hope is that I will get opinions from all around the world.

All of the responses I have had so far are super positive about the influence of Our Chalet. Many have described some of its main attributes to be gaining leadership skills, lifelong international friendships and some have explained that it is an environment that accepts everybody.  During my time at Our Chalet I have been lucky enough to have experienced all of these things!

During my time so far I have seen and done so many amazing new things that I hope many more people will get the opportunity to experience. Here are a few pictures to show the diversity of my experiences so far :

The Adventure park where we zip lined across the river so many times I lost count and abseiled off the bridge!

Team Adventure park













Swimming and being fully submerged for five seconds in a Glacier lake for my staff challenge. I enjoyed the swim after a while.















I’ve climbed many mountains to see the stunning views.


I have seen many cows including waking up at 5am to watch the cows go onto the alp for the summer.



And by the end of the season I will have hopefully achieved many more new things as well as having my dissertation research completed!

Elizabeth Nutbrown, United Kingdom : Our Chalet Assistant, Summer 2017.