STAFF: Champions in the Making: Our Chalet Ski Cup – Rachel (AUS)


I walked into the morning meeting on the first day of the Adelboden World Ski Cup weekend to see three long term staff sitting in a row eating cups of snow and plates of cheese and chocolate. 

Not what you’d typically expect to come across in the Our Chalet offices first thing on a Friday morning – but given the new challenge we had put ourselves to in honour of the games, it was not in the least a surprise.

Not only was the World Ski Cup happening across the valley in town, an event that draws hundreds every year, but the Our Chalet Ski Cup had just kicked off.

What better way to celebrate a world class event than to create mini-ski characters of the Chalet staff and make our way down our own ‘mountain’ with a series of challenges? And so amongst binocular viewing sessions (we could see the world cup ski run from our window! 2 points for making everyone a cup of tea…) and a spot of work here and there, we set ourselves the task of being Chalet Champion.

In no other week of the year would it be quite as acceptable to wear your ski gloves during lunch, where peeling boiled eggs proved to be the most difficult task, or race each other down hallways and between buildings on “ski races”, or take such delight in eating pieces of chocolate and pieces of cheese (at times, together – for an extra point).

And it would only be those crazy peeps who work at the Guide centre who could find such amusement and pride in balancing ski poles on your head and knees, wearing ski goggles indoors for an hour, scooping ‘cups of snow’ in our hands to eat whilst walking into town, or hopping between buildings to get from A to B.

By the final day of the Ski Cup, it was getting to be a close competition. Naming sponsors of the games, skiers who are competing, and grabbing photos with champions just HAD to be done to get over the finish line. Our Canadian Programme Intern, Samm, came in first to be the Our Chalet Ski Cup Champion (it must be in the blood!).

Bring on the rest of the ski season!

Rachel Browning – Australia
Winter Volunteer 2012/2013