Skippy. Mouse catcher extraordinaire (CH)


Hello there,Skippy

I am going to tell you all about my Chalet life…. It’s pretty good really. I get fed at regular intervals (if the office remembers) and I can roam free in the grounds too. I also get treats but I will tell you about that later.

If you have not guessed my name is Skippy Storrow and I am the Our Chalet cat. My main role here is protecting the chalet from all the mice and bugs and things that attempt to come into my home and being a good friend to all the guests that come through.

I am not the quietest member of staff, in fact if I don’t get fed everyone knows about it. I can keep it up for hours…. Honest! But when I do get fed I become quiet very very quickly, especially when it’s the wet food in the morning: I love the jelly!

I enjoy getting snuggles from different members of staff. Although I don’t like it when the Vollies change, I have to get used to a whole new bunch of people. But this does not take very long and become a loving kitty. I like cuddling up on peoples left shoulders and having my ears scratched… I’m not too keen on having my tummy scratched though. I used to be allowed in the office….. I miss the days of cuddling up in the in-tray and having a snooze in the sun. But I do enjoy playing games with Susanne….. can I sneak into the office without her noticing? (She is allergic to me, so I guess that’s ok then!) It does not happen very often but when it does I enjoy prowling the office and pretending it’s a castle. I leave my hair around… marking my territory is very important.

Another of my favorite pastimes is trying to get into Stockli; I like nothing better than climbing in through the windows and having a nap in the sun on those comfy beds. I regularly get evicted from there, but the Vollies never learn as they leave their windows open… lucky Skippy! I also like just to sit in reception on the windowsill and watch the world go by, it a good place to spot grass hoppers and mice. I can also see if my other cat friends are in the field so we can play together!

I know lots of different languages as I have picked many up from the different members of staff. I like to think that I am a very clever cat and much appreciated around Our Chalet. Oh another fun thing to do is to play with the cat flap. Letting it flap to and fro makes a nice sound…. But it really really annoys the people around me. Oh well its fun stuff and as long as I am happy nothing else matters.

Treat time is the BEST time of the day; I have a different selection of treats. So I never know which one I am going to get so it’s a yummy surprise. I like Whiskas the best; sometimes I even get a little bit of cream – that has to be my favorite. Sometimes I am given the choice, but I can’t read human language so I have a good guess. Having my nails cut is not very nice, but I understand why I have to have them done. But I get a treat after it so that’s all good.

After a long day of catching mice and roaming around the Our Chalet grounds I do like coming back to the office and eating the biscuits. The last thing for the day involves curling up in my bed and having a nice long snooze. A well deserved rest.

My Home On the Desk! Nap Time

It’s snow time! Ony and Michelle


Greetings lovely readers!

Hi my name is Ony and I am from Madagascar, a country which is shapped like a left foot!

I am currently studying Anthropoloy at University, coming to Our Chalet has provided a lovely break from my studies. 


Guiding is a big part of my life and has provided me with so many amazing opportunities. Now I am going to tell you about one these amazing opportunities: playing in the snow for the first time!!! I am the first Volunteer to come from Madagascar and this makes me proud – its also my first time in Europe so I’m going to make the most of it 🙂  I have been a Girl Scout since I was 9 years old and am currently on the national board of the youth committee. I have attended conferences for the Africa Region and been to a Juliette Lowe Seminar. When I was at the seminar I was lucky to see Lord Baden Powells grave with the other participants: an amazing experience.

I never expected that it would snow in October, but… did!!!:) For two days long, it didn’t stop snowing on the top of the hill of Adelboden, it was so fun and I’ve enjoyed it very much (even though its really cold…… it actually felt like I was in a Fridge!!)

But I don’t mind!!!! I’ve seen snow for a real and I’m just happy! The view was Amazing with everything in pure and clear WHITE, I don’t know why but it seems to me like in a dream, where everything is quiet and calm !!!

Peace for my soul …it’s what I’ve found during those two days and it will be one of the things that I will never ever forget !!

I’m really lucky that there is snow here at this time of the year!

Snow_OurChalet Snowman Airboarding

Hi my name is Michelle and I am from Australia. I am loud and bubbly and love having fun with the other Autumn vollies: especially when we are singing in the kitchen “Every day I’m shuffling.’ I love to laugh and spend most of my time giggling… its good for you: Honest. I have been in guiding since I was 6 years old and now I am a leader. I have competed my Queens Guide! I am currently working on my Gold Duke of Edinburgh after completing my Silver.

I love to travel and after my time at Our Chalet I am going to travel around Europe and see the sights! I am so excited especailly as I am going with 2 other volunteers: Juliette (Canada) and Rhianna (USA). Its going to be so much fun I cannot wait, just need to make sure my bag does not weigh too much….


Let me tell you about something very special that happened to me during the week… On the 7th of October I saw my first snow! I was so excited, I woke up at 7am to go to breakfast and started screaming with delight, the other staff in the staff house weren’t so excited to be woken by my screams at 7 o’clock in the morning. I ran outside and immediately panicked when I realised I had to shovel the snow off the path to the kitchen, I didn’t even know what the shovel looked like.

Two of the other volunteers, Julie, from Denmark, and Juliette, from Canada, and I went chasing the snow. We hiked to the Elsigen gondola and on the top of Elsigen, stepped out into 20cm of snow. The first thing I did was get attacked by snow balls, I quickly learnt that my aim wasn’t as good as I thought it was. We hiked up a snow covered mountain and I slipped so many times, much to the girl’s amusement. Juliette taught me how to sledge headfirst on my back down the snow covered hill, and although I was absolutely petrified it was a lot of fun! We then sat in the snow and drank our hot chocolate and had some cakes I had made the day before. My favourite thing to do now is to eat snow, so almost every picture we took I have snow in my mouth. I was warned to keep away from the yellow snow!

The next day the Chalet had 20cm of snow! I was so excited I worked really fast to finish all my jobs so I could play in the snow. Catt, the Guest Service Volunteer, and Claire, the Kitchen Coordinator, and two of the other volunteers pumped up the airboards while I psyched myself up for the ride. We then airboarded down Baby Chalet hill. It was so much fun and was faster than I thought it would be, and of course the worst bit was trudging back up the hill again. I airboarded so many times and often got snowballed by the staff on my walk up. We then all sat together and sledged down the hill, the four of us. It was so funny because we had to really hold on to each others legs so we didn’t lose anyone on the hill.

We were walking back to the Chalet when we realised Sally, the World Centre Manager, was missing out on all the fun! So Juliette, from Canada, and Maria, from Slovakia, and I all decided that we needed to make a stand in for Sally. We built a snow-woman with a Chalet staff t-shirt and a red staff necker next to the flagpole so Sally wouldn’t be missing out on the snow!

Hope to see some of you blog readers soon!

A suspension bridge lunch


Hello there lovely reader.Catt

My name is Catherine but everybody calls me Catt…with the latest version of the name being Kitty Cat since we had a special Rocky Horror Picture Show evening extravaganza this summer. I don’t like it much of course but what can I do?

I am from England, Surrey to be precise but I’m going through induction to become a Croatian.

I love kittens, food, challenging hiking and putting funny songs together. My fashion style is  not yet defined as I’m still young and in forming, but my manager says that I have great potential of representing iconic 40s fashion style. I’ll work on it as I do love challenge.

I talk very proper, perhaps that is because I grew up without much TV. I am now working on catching up with, watching a long list of movies my friends compiled for me as ‘a must sees’. I love the colour of yellow.

I have worked at Our Chalet as a volunteer in past Winter season 2010-2011 and fell in love with snow and all what that entails as a beginner skier. Naturally, when I got the invitation that Our Chalet wants me back as a Guest services volunteer, I jumped up of the excitement as my curles touched the ceiling. I love working and resolving problems while having lot of fun and laughs with my fellow staff. When it comes to work they don’t really give me much slack but I guess there is a higher purpose to it all, and the future will reveal itself step by step. When it will happen? You never know, do you? This is it, and that is all you will find out about me this time…and if you want to know more…

…come meet me at Our Chalet and we can have a nice cuppa tea. I’ll be hanging around  here until the end of October.

P.S. Today I baked scones for the first time in my life…they are all gone so I guess they were a success. I want to bake some cake next.

And here are a few words with a song I compiled when we went to the suspension bridge…just like that, out of the blue for lunch.

Suspension Bridge - KS and CM Suspension Bridge - Group Suspension Bridge - Lunch

One sunny day last week we took a trip to the suspension bridge that is hanging over the Engstliga river on the way down towards Frutigen…it takes about 12 minutes drive in our famous blue van…we locked up the house and went for lunch. So I made up a song (to the tune of one of my favorite campfire songs: Meatballs) about our lunch break let me know what you think and maybe I can put together a song about you!

On top of a mountain, at Our Chalet,
We all packed our lunch, and headed away.
We stopped at the bridge, suspended up high,
And then we pretended, that we could all fly.
We all crossed the bridge, and onto solid ground,
But not before the vollies, had jumped up and down.
We sat in the sun, and got out our lunch,
Attacked by wasps, as we started to munch.
A refreshing drink, homemade at the café,
Topped off our lunch, we wish we could stay.

Catt Moody (UK)
Guest Services Volunteer – Summer 2011