Introduction to Spring Season – Leah (USA)


Here are some blog entries from our Spring Programme Intern Leah from the USA. Read some excerpts of her blog below and you can continue to follow her blog here:

The First Week

I’ve been at Our Chalet for almost a week now. Living here and being in the mountains feels so surreal. We’ve had one clear day so far where we could see all the mountains around Adelboden. It is so beautiful with all the snow!

I started my training on World Thinking Day; we hiked to the Woodcarver’s, ate lunch along the creek and spent some time in town before heading back to Our Chalet. The next evening, we had a lovely campfire with our guests. My training is divided between learning how to lead the spring programs, how the program office runs and about Our Chalet. It also involves playing with Skippy (the cat)!

During training, and throughout the entire season, I have days off to explore and relax. So far, I’ve hiked to the frozen Bonderfalles, walked around the magic tree loop and skied behind a nearby chalet. When I am walking and skiing away from the main roads, everything is so quiet and peaceful. On the hike to and from Bonderfalles, all I could hear was the stream trickling over the rocks and the snow crunching beneath my boots. I love being at Our Chalet!


Main Chalet




Skiing behind Hari Chalet


Spring (Team) is here!

The whole spring team has arrived at Our Chalet now! There are 7 volunteers and 3 interns (including myself) in total for the season. We represent 6 countries: USA, UK, Nepal, Malaysia, Canada, and Mexico. There are also long-term staff and short-term volunteers working at the center.

Spring Vollies 2018

Spring 2018 Vollies and Interns

Training is in full swing. We have learned a lot of basics about Our Chalet and played some fun team building games. We are also learning all of the different programs we run for the guests. So far, we’ve done the Marta Marmot hike, the Magic Tree hike and Swiss Night. Swiss night involved chocolate fondue, which is always tasty!

The whole spring team had Monday off, so we ventured to Engstligenalp. We hiked to the gondola station and then took the gondola up to the top. It was a pretty warm day with the snow melting in the valley. Once we were up top, it was sunny, cold, and windy. There was more snow than I’ve ever seen before in one place. The views were amazing. It was such an enjoyable hike and we got back just in time for dinner.





One Month In

It has already been a month since I arrived here. My whole concept of the cold has changed since I have arrived! Winter was never my favourite season but now I love the snow. The temperatures hover just below 32 degrees Fahrenheit here, give or take a few degrees. I always dress for the cold but once I start walking I often don’t even need my winter coat.

Being in the Swiss Alps, I am trying to take advantage of skiing before the snow melts. I haven’t done any big runs yet, but there is a chalet up the road that has an easy ski run behind it. I’m only a beginner, but I had fun teaching two of the other vollies some skiing basics one afternoon.

On one of our days off, a group of us explored Thun. Thun is a bus and a train ride away. In Thun, we walked around the city for an afternoon taking in all of the different sights. The mountains were clear in the distance and the day seemed surprising warm.

More recently, myself and two others spent a night at Kandersteg International Scout Center which is in the next valley over. The first day, we took the gondola up to Lake Oeschinensee where we hiked around and had lunch by the frozen lake. We spent our second day cross-country skiing on the many groomed paths around the village. It was so much fun!

Our Chalet has been really quiet lately since we haven’t had any guests. I have been helping prepare for the programs that will take place during the remainder of the season. The first spring break group arrives in a few days!


Thun Castle


Lake Oeschinensee


Post Snowfall

Leah Simon, Spring Programme Intern 2018


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