5 Amazing things you have to do around Adelboden in a Winter or Spring season – Morgan (Canada)


1. Take part in local events. One of my favourite ways to learn about Swiss culture has to have been by taking apart in their local events and celebrations. From Winterlute in December to the Ski World Cup Weekend in January to Chuenis by Night in February, it truly felt as if there was always something I could take part in in Adelboden. It is an amazing way to get to know not only Swiss culture but local culture as no matter the event, you can always feel the energetic pride that people from Adelboden have for their town. If you are lucky enough to attend a Swiss Event, it will truly be a magical and unforgettable experience that you will keep forever!


Chuenis by Night light show


Ski World Cup in Adelboden

2. Spend the afternoon biking through Bunderlen and the Adelboden Valley. I was lucky enough to catch a few warm days in mid-January where biking became a great pastime. Exploring the Adelboden area by bike truly showed me things I would have never seen otherwise, which made for some amazing stories when I arrived back at the Chalet. From the awesome trails to the amazing views, I would without a doubt suggest biking in Adelboden whenever you can! There are many places in town to rent bikes and it is truly a great way to spend an afternoon.



3. Spend the day skiing in the beautiful Swiss Alps. Whether you plan on taking on one of the larger mountains in the Adelboden-Lenk area, or just a small hill around by Our Chalet, skiing is a MUST in Adelboden. Whether or not you have skied before, skiing in Adelboden is unforgettable! Why not have a relaxing day skiing in the beautiful Swiss Alps? You could also spend time with a ski instructor if you choose to learn how to ski from a professional in your time here. Our Chalet also offer ski shuttles so you never need to worry about getting to and from the hills!




4. Visit nearby towns. You don’t need to go too far to find more amazing cities in Switzerland. On the bus, you can reach both Frutigen and Kandersteg, which are both amazing places to spend an afternoon. Frutigen is a great place to wander around and admire the mountains whereas Kandersteg is a great place to get some souvenir shopping done as well as visit WOSM’s Scout Centre, Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Why not tick 1 more Scout Centre off your list? While these towns are great, there are also many other great places to jump off at on your bus ride such as Blausee Lake and one of Europe’s longest suspension bridges which is wedged between Adelboden and Frutigen. There are so many amazing places to see in Switzerland and Adelboden is amazing because you never have to go far to see one!


5. Spend the day on top of a mountain. There are so many mountains to take a gondola up to in Adelboden that you could truly spend a day on top of any one of them! Whether you enjoy sledging or hiking or even just relaxing in a scenic café, spending your day atop a mountain is a great choice! Most of mountains in our valley have activities on top such as sledding or tubing, as well as some hiking trails with restaurants too. Whether you choose to head up for a great view and a great meal or a day of sledding paired with some hot cocoa, the mountains of Adelboden are right for you!


Morgan Sibbit, Our Chalet Assistant Winter 2017/2018



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