Staff Challenge Chronicles – Audrey (USA)


The guests at Our Chalet have the opportunity to earn the Our Chalet Guest Challenge, which includes elements such as going on a hike, learning the history of the Chalet, and talking to a Swiss person. The staff and volunteers, who are here for considerably longer, have the Our Chalet Staff Challenge. This rather zany tradition involves earning a total of 80 points, each item being worth between one and five points. I’m writing here to document my efforts so far to earn the Staff Challenge.
(Full disclosure: I’m also getting points for writing this blog post [Write a blog (600 words) for the Our Chalet website, 3 points.] )

Sleep outside overnight in a bivouac that you made yourself, 3 points: Tarp, rope, and a dozen rocks served me as a shelter, set up on the front lawn of Main Chalet. It held up nicely to the wind, but I am honestly a little glad I didn’t have to test it against the rain.

Audrey Bivouac

Prepare a traditional dish from your own country, 2 points: What is a traditional dish from the United States? Hamburgers? Apple pie? I was flummoxed. Finally I realized that the Europeans around me had no idea what cornbread was, so I made honey cornmeal muffins.

Perform a play in costume for the Staff, 3 points: Rachel and I had a grand time, raiding the costume cupboard and putting on a skit at campfire.


Make an outdoor picnic for the staff, 3 points: When the 4th of July came around, we had a outside lunch, complete with hamburgers. I put up a giant obnoxious American flag.

Audrey July 4th

Hike 3 mountains (at least 6000 metres in total), 5 points: During training, we all hiked most of the way up Bunderspitz, before being stopped by snow. That counted to about 2400 meters. I hiked Schwändflspitz (2026 meters) on a day off by myself, and Tschingellochtighorn (2735 meters) with other staff on another day off. So that comes to total of 7161 meters, well above what I needed.

Audrey Sign

Take an overnight trip somewhere in Switzerland by yourself, 3 points: I modified this to somewhere in Europe, because I really wanted to visit Italy. I had three days off and traveled to Florence. The buildings were amazing, the weather was scorching, my hostel was an old convent, and the people-watching was first class. Nerd that I am, I avoided all art museums but went to the Galileo Museum, which includes lots of old scientific and mathematical devices, as well as two of Galileo’s preserved fingers.

Audrey Florence


As of today, I have earned 60 out of 80 points. Other tasks completed, such as Light a fire with only natural items and one match, 3 points; Learn a fact about Switzerland no on else knows, 1 points; and Read one historical Guiding or Scout book, 3 points have contributed to this total. Here is how I’m going to finish my challenge.

Camp overnight in a tent somewhere not on Our Chalet grounds, 5 points; Hike to Kandersteg (one-way), 5 points; Experience a sun/moonrise or sunset from the top of a mountain, 4 points; Try a new sport or activity you have never done before, 4 points: Hopefully I will do all of the this within 48 hours. The grand plan involves camping on a mountain, hiking over a pass, staying at the neighbouring Kandersteg International Scout Centre, and sliding down an alpine slide. If I can pull this off (and get the points from this blog post) I will have completed my challenge. (Editor says she’s happy to sign for the blog).

What do I get for finishing this challenge? Well, besides External Glory and Everlasting Satisfaction, I get a patch. Patches are the real reason I do things in Girl Scouts. (Editor update : Patch achieved).

Audrey Mountain




Audrey Spaeth (USA) – Our Chalet Assistant Summer 2017     


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