Journey from Visitor to Volunteer – Kalia (Mexico)


Kalia is a current Spring Volunteer at Our Chalet and has shared her World Centre journey from visitor to volunteer.

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Hello, my name is Kalia,

I’m a Mexican Girl Guide who has had the fortune to visit 3 of the 5 World Centres of WAGGGS. It´s been an awesome journey, I’ve learned a lot about the different ways of guiding in different countries, about culture, about myself, and I’ve made friends for life.

I am from a city called Queretaro, we would say that’s in the centre of Mexico, two and a half hours away from Mexico City (that’s the reference I’ve found most useful), and as a good Mexican Girl Guide I’ve been to Our Cabaña more than once.

Our Cabaña is the first World Centre that I ever visited, it was my first look at what having international friends felt like, the first time I had the chance to share about my culture, what makes me be a girl guide and what we like doing in Mexico.

I just fell in love with the experience! How can you not?

kalia 1

Visiting Our Cabana

Everyone that has been to a World Centre either just visiting to an event, as a volunteer or a staff member will agree with me that this are all live changing experiences. Although I had visited to Our Cabaña I still had a long journey and after much thought and a lot of work I started my overseas adventure.

Kalia 3

Sangam Selfie

I was an autumn volunteer at Sangam last year, to be more precise from September to December. At Sangam I had the opportunity to attend events like the 50th birthday, the OBPS event that Sangam hosted, a lot of community partner visits, and I also got the chance to immerse myself in the Indian culture, so rich and different from everything that I knew, it was truly a life changing experience!

I decided my journey couldn’t just stop at Sangam.  Even though I would have loved to visit all the World Centres at once I’m really enjoying my life here at Our Chalet as a Spring volunteer, the views that the Swiss Alps bring to you every time you go out are breath taking! I’ve experienced things here that I never thought I was going to, like snow in April, and winter sports that I had never done before.


Spring 2017 Opening Ceremony, Our Chalet

The friends that I’ve made, the things that I’ve learned, the experiences that I now have to tell, every single part of this journey has been amazing, now I know that I have to go back home and share my experience, because I believe this is something everyone should do, a life changing experience to grow and to make others grow too.


Our Chalet Spring 2017



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