Life at Our Chalet during Helen Storrow Seminar 2017


On the 21st of March 2017 24 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts descended on Our Chalet for and once in a lifetime experience…

Day 1: Tuesday 21st March

The day began with an opening ceremony, participants wore their national uniform. This may have been the most international opening ceremony I have seen at Our Chalet so far! There are 24 participants from 21 different countries.

During today’s sessions, participants were introduced to each other and the themes of the seminar, leadership and environmental sustainability.


Today the evening activity was “Who Wants to Be a WAGGGS Millionaire”. Along with questions on WAGGGS there were challenges, which familiarised participants with Our Chalet, and dance breaks!  Congratulations to Yellow Team!

Day 2: Wednesday 22nd March

This morning’s programme was a scavenger hunt on the Our Chalet property.  The participants learnt how different topics e.g. Air Pollution is dealt with in Switzerland. They were then encouraged to think about how or if this issue is dealt with in their own country.IMG_7675.JPG

In the afternoon the session focus changed to leadership. Each patrol presented an environmental leader, and why they should be considered the best.

The next session was the first pop-up session, with the theme “The change you want to see in the world”. Participants connected to Ecuador who presented an on-going project.

After dinner, participants were treated to Swiss Night, where they learnt about Swiss culture, experienced chocolate fondue and a traditional Alphorn player!


Day 3: Thursday 23rd March Today was an exciting day!

Today some of the participants had their first experience with snow!

The participants were split in two groups, one group started the day at the Adventure Park, the other at Our Chalet doing team challenges.IMG_7803


In the morning we also had a pop-up with Rwanda. They are starting a new and exciting project called Green Girls, encouraging girls to plant two trees each and educating people about safer energy sources.

The Adventure Park pushed participants to face their fears and go outside of their comfort zones. Everyone supported each other, while challenging themselves either Zip-lining or rappelling off the bridge!

Day 4: Friday 24th March

Today’s sessions started to get the participants thinking about their individual projects.

Past participants connected with the current to talk about their successful projects and answer questions that patrols had prepared in advance. Past participants commented on the benefits of staying connected to your fellow participants as they are an invaluable support network.

Later participants also discussed the Sustainable Development Goals and ended the session with a fun photo booth highlighting important goals.

HSS 2017 SDGs.jpg

This evening was the International Festival, where we were joined by Claire Perry (Head of Governance at WAGGGS) and Nicola Grinstead (WAGGGS World Chair). Each region gave a 10 minute presentation; Dance seemed to be a common theme here! The Pop-up in Argentina also ended their presentation with a dance!


After all the presentations everybody shared food and drinks from their countries.

Day 5: Friday 25th March

Again much of today was focused on the participant’s planning their projects.


Today’s evening programme was campfire and Earth Hour where we joined people around the world by turning off lights and electrical devices in an effort to save the planet!

Day 6: Sunday 26th March

The primary focus for today was again for participants to plan and make the most of the facilitators and their fellow participant’s help.


Day 7: Monday 27th March

Today involved wrap up sessions from the week, evaluations and final action plans.

During the closing ceremony participants built a paper chain of their advice to future participants, as each added their link they shared a favourite memory from the seminar. Then those who managed to complete their Our Chalet Challenge, despite their busy schedule, were presented with their patch and then their seminar certificates.

Following this we had to take the mandatory staircase photo of all the participants and facilitators of Helen Storrow Seminar 2017.IMG_9042.JPG

To watch videos from Helen Storrow Seminar 2017 visit our YouTube Channel:


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