STAFF: 6 Weeks In – Sarah (Aus)


The snow is coming down!…..Finally! 

winter vollies  What a start to a season we have had with warm weather and sunshine to match. Our six weeks at Our Chalet so far have been filled with Christmas and New Years celebrations that kept us both excited and on our toes with many guests from all over the world coming to join in on the Christmas cheer!

Despite the lack of snow and lush green mountains surrounding us I decided to ski Christmas Eve and had a ball on the thin layer of snow that did somehow coat the runs of the Adeboden ski area.

Christmas Eve was a magical night starting with a huge Christmas dinner followed by a talent show of various cultural performances and Christmas carols. The dining hall was filled with enthusiasm as the Australian ‘Von Trapp’ family visiting us performed the 12 days of Christmas Aussie style…5 KANGAROOS!

We lit the nikki byron brassChristmas tree in the fireplace and sung more carols before heading off to Church or enjoying a reading of The Christmas Carol in the T-bar downstairs.

Santa Claus must of had difficulty getting to us this year due to the lack of snow however he managed to find all the children staying at Our Chalet evidenced by their showcase of new toys at brunch on Christmas day. Brunch was huge as we had 46 guests over the Christmas period, I cooked 100 eggs and we still managed to run out!

We had only a brief period DSC07514of time to recover after our Christmas celebrations before our next lot of guests arrived to stay with us over the New Year, we were both exhausted and excited!

At the Chalet we try and incorporate as many traditions as we can from our diverse range cultures brought by our guests, Christmas and New Years Eve proved to be perfect example of this in action. One new tradition that I experienced this year was the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes on the chime of midnight for good luck in the coming year. Megan, our Kitchen Coordinator proved to us she could fit 12 grapes in her mouth at once!


The very bright full moon lit our path through the snow to the magic tree on New Years Eve when we snow-shoed with guests as part of our evening program. It was a beautifully still night and the guests were so friendly and enthusiastic about joining in on the fun. We also had a campfire to close the night and take us through to the New Year. Sharing reflections and our best moments of 2014 was included in our campfire to fit with our theme of the New Year. At midnight we all gathered by the flagpole to watch the stunning display of Adelboden fireworks in town. Our Chalet’s perfect hillside location gave us the best spot in town.


The Christmas period is in my opinion a fantastic time to visit Our Chalet, you will feel right at home with our traditional family style dinner and friendly atmosphere and enjoy all the joy and activities that come with the snow of the winter season!

We are all currently recovering from the busy festive season and praying for more snow! I am hoping that in the next few weeks I can get in some awesome skiing days with the other vollies and enjoy many more random act of fun….

Tonight we are going to have a party and sleep in a tent in the snow!!

Sarah Schooley (Aus)
Our Chalet Assistant – Winter 2014-2015

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