STAFF: The Ski World Cup – Mel (AUS)


The World Ski Cup for Slalom and Giant Slalom, is held in Adelboden each year.  The town of Boden, which is right next to Adelboden, during this time, turns into a sea of white marquees, people, and a mix of mud and snow.  Our morning of the 10th of January, the first day of the World Cup was spent doing our mid-term evaluations and general discussions about how our time here was and what we think could be improved and what was already perfect.  We completed all our jobs of cleaning and cooking in record time, and hence we were able to have the afternoon off.  Jen gave us a lift down to the Ski World Cup in the Van, and we spent the afternoon there.  It’s needless to say that we were highly excited by the free hats/beanies… and free sunglasses… and more free beanies… and free flags… you get the idea.  We were able to watch some of the races, and the best places to stand were actually on the hill in the free areas.

IMG_0521v2 We headed back to the Chalet about 3.45, Jen picked us up in the van again.  It was lovely no to have to walk back up the hill, although the hill from Boden is definitely easier than the hill from Adelboden!  We were supposed to be going out for a staff social night, for night sledging, but unfortunately the run was closed due to little snow and bad winds.  So, instead of having an early dinner, we had it at the normal time of 6 pm.  It was leftovers, so it was an easy set up and clear up.  After dinner some of us headed into town to celebrate the one weekend of the year where Adelboden actually has a night life!IMG_0540

The second day of the World Cup it snowed all morning.  It wasn’t until after lunch at about 12.30, Charlotte, Danielle (and Olivia – the Rainbows Mascot), Bryon and I convinced Katrina to drive us down to the World Cup.  We were sent with a list of freebies to acquire… and we did not disappoint!  We wandered around and gathered our freebies, though some were not expected and other we couldn’t aquire.  We had some photos taken at the Co-op tent, and got some free soup, got some free cheese and lip balm from the cheese man, a beanie from some company and a jersey from Oester Sport.  The latter we had signed by some skiers… not entirely sure who they were though!!  Although I do have their names to look them up!

swc bib sign

We only stayed for about an hour, before messaging Katrina very nicely and asking her to come and get us again.  On the way back we passed Sarah and Victoria who were geocaching, although they were wearing their free beanies from the previous day!  When we got home we sorted out our ‘stash’, we had ended up with a lot, I mean a lot of Caffe Latte’s (they are like iced coffee).  It was kind of free Caffe Latte’s for all!

We had also made it back just in time for Chloe’s Sunday Sugar! It was her personal creation… and even though she didn’t trust herself we all trusted her! The closest thing I can liken it to is sticky date pudding without the dates.  She had also whipped cream and made a caramel sauce for topping.  It was extremely yummy and the caramel sauce has been used as toast topping for the couple of days after!

Mel O’Brien (AUS)
Our Chalet Assistant – Winter 2014-2015

For a link to Mel’s personal blog click here

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