STAFF: The tip of the iceberg – A little more about our Spring Vollies


Well everyone has a staff profile, but how much do you actually know about our Spring 2014 vollies?

We all know that it’s easy to learn about the tip of the iceberg. However, a lot more lies beneath the surface. A bit like all of us! So here is a little more about our lovely volunteers.

Georgie is 18 and next year she’s off to study Physics at university.

Despite the super-sciencey nature of her chosen degree subject she is a creative soul. She enjoys encaustic art (that’s creating pictures with melted wax and a special iron according to google), reading and music – Georgie plays many instruments including: violin, ukulele, piano, drums, cornet, trumpet, recorder, accordion, guitar, bass guitar, ocarina and the harmonica. Unfortunately she only had space for the Ukulele in her suitcase – but we all enjoy hearing her strum away on it!

Rachel is 23 from Kentucky, USA and loves archaeology – if it’s old, buried underground and in the Middle East or Asia she’ll find it! This summer she will be on a dig in Israel and in August she is going to be working as a teaching assistant in Japan for a year. She’s one busy individual!

She shares her birthday (Feb 26th if you really want to know) with her dad, sister AND two cousins. Rachel is also the tiniest bit accident prone – she has a bump on her skull from an accident in her childhood. But don’t worry, we have the Band-Aids and bubble wrap at the ready.

Natalie is 22 and comes from New Zealand. Before her time at our Chalet she was living in London and she will be returning to the UK once her stint at Our Chalet is over.

She has learnt to fly through scouting and the very first time she was flying by herself she sang “I believe I can fly” very loudly. Well why not? She also loves musicals and dancing – she has done all her life!  Tap dancing on tables, double pirouettes… you name it, she’s probably tried it. She’s pretty good at it too!

Catherine is 19 and from the UK. Next year she will be studying Linguistics and Psychology at University.

It’s not her first time at Our Chalet, having visited as a young leader with her Guide group. She has somewhat fallen in love with the native wildlife – Catherine really loves marmots (but we have yet to see any this year)! After her time here she will be going trekking in Nepal. She is certainly a seeker of challenge and adventure!

Molly is 18 and from the UK and it definitely isn’t her first time at a World Centre! She has visited Our Chalet before and spent last October as a Tare in Sangam working in a mobile crèche.

She has been on quite a mission to finish the French knitting she started one year on camp and has the longest, most colourful length of knitting we’ve ever seen! Part of this one will edge her camp blanket. She’s still not sure what she will end up doing with the rest. It will be fabulous whatever she does with it. In September she will be off to university to study criminology!

Emma is 22 and from the UK. You might recognise Emma as this is her second season with us! Originally a winter 13/14 vollie, Emma has stayed on to help out with spring vollie training and to stay on for our busy weeks in May.

She is very active and likes to play squash, first playing when she was younger, then rekindling her love for the sport at university. So if you see her with a snowball – DUCK! Her aim is pretty good. Travelling is another passion of hers; she’s studied abroad in Hong Kong, travelled around Asia and is always thinking about where her next adventures will take her!

Louise is 20 and from Sweden. It’s her first time to Our Chalet but her Grandmother – Karin Wingqvist, worked here for two summers in 1947 and 1948!

She is yet another of our vollies who loves to travel! She has visited Morocco and been camel trekking in the Sahara desert “it was cold in the desert at night, but the stars were amazing”. After her season here she is jetting off to the USA for a friend’s wedding and will hopefully have some adventures whilst she’s over there too. This busy start to the year means that Louise will be glad of a rest when she starts her studies this autumn.

Spring 2014 Vollies

Now of course, that is still only scratching the surface of our wonderful vollies. If you are lucky enough to come and visit, make sure you get to know them better!


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