PARTICIPANTS: The Helen Storrow Seminar 2014 – A Poem


We came from far, we came from wide,
We came from finnish countryside,
We came from high, we came from low,
To take part in the 9th Helen Storrow.

From all around the world we came,
And for some, English was a harder game,
The accents were tough, but we made it through,
And learnt a few new words too.

Who knew so many cultures could meet in one place,
And so much could be learnt from so many amazing women representing every race?
The theory was new, and the activities too,
But now we are better leaders because of you. (Planning team & OurChalet staffs)
For making us an awesome team, we would like to thank Shahzeen,
And for Completely Safe underpants,
Huge thanks to Katie; you’re our Champ

Together we are five regions, working to keep this world green.
Together we are ten million, empowering each women.
Together we can change the world.


The Earth Chicks

(Christina Noël ,Maija Santalahti, Rachael Evans, Blessing Nkechi Chibor, Andrea Nieto , Kara & Maryam SChau)
#HSS2014 #WAGGGS #OurChalet


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