STAFF: From one World Centre to another – Sailee (IND)


Namaste from the Swiss Alps!!!

It’s been 10 weeks and I still can’t believe that I’m living in the snow and at Our Chalet!

My journey started from Sangam World Centre where I work as a Guest Services Assistant. It has always been my dream to live in snow or to at least experience and play in snow! So, here I am living surrounded by it in the Alps for 3 months! Growing up with the spirit of Guiding has always inspired me to travel and work at every World Centre.

Since I arrived here every moment has been an adventure – amazing, awesome and unforgettable.

Emma Gaenor Sayali World Cup '14

During the first few weeks we were trained and got to learn more about Our Chalet. We’ve done a lot, from cleaning the toilets to learning how to cook Swiss dishes. As well as learning Swiss hiking protocols and how to do equipment checks.

On New Year’s Eve we all were officially presented with a red Our Chalet necker which means that we are know all the secrets behind the doors and are fully trained!

Next it was time to learn some downhill skiing. Well, this was challenging as I had never practiced skiing before (it’s tricky when you live somewhere that doesn’t get snow)! First time on skis was pretty scary and hard to control as they just slide down – you end up on the ground on your first try. It took a while to get used to them and all I said at the end of the day was “I wanted to do more, but my body did not support me“!

However, there was still more skiing to try and this time it’s my favourite one ‘cross-country skiing’ it’s new to me but still my favourite! This one is easier to get on with – all you do is glide and most importantly it’s on a flatter piste. But you can still fall over few times!

Sledding is another favourite and again completely new to me. The best sled run is right next to us, from Baby Chalet to Main Chalet. Even more challenging is night sledding at Tschentenalp it really is super fun and amazing!

Apart from all the fun activities outside let me tell about the inside fun!

The joy starts with breakfast club in Stöckli every morning and guessing which tasks we will have for the day. After the morning meeting we then start working on our tasks.

2013-02-17 10.21.01

Ever since watching the One Direction movie with Aisling, another One Direction fan has been created… Me! After watching the movie and listening to their music I am now singing One Direction all day and night! So if I’m the kitchen coordinator everyone knows what the playlist will be whilst we are preparing dinner.

As Valentine’s Day was near we wanted to make everyone feel special and loved so the staff played a version of the ‘murder mystery game’! We each pulled a name, location and an object out of a hat and had to make something (using the object) for the person and present it to them in the place on Valentine’s Day. We had a week to plan and prepare for our Valentine! The best part of Valentine’s Day was the campfire and closing for the group of 14 guides from Scotland who were with us for the Winter Adventure Week programme. This was the most memorable Valentine for all of us and hard to say goodbye to such a lovely group!

Caithness Guides

World Thinking Day is fast approaching and this week we are going to have a full house. Time has gone fast and it’s almost the end of February. Now the countdown has begun I’m full of sadness to be leaving but also excited to be going home and sharing my time here!

To be honest, the more excitement I have had here, the greater the sadness I feel to leave this place!

Sangam is my second home and Our Chalet is definitely my third one!!!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for giving me this opportunity and I have loved all my time here!

Every day is beautiful, full of challenge and adventure. To enjoy life to the fullest you must have no expectations and welcome each day with open arms.

Love you all!

Sailee Gangurde (IND)
Our Chalet Assistant – Winter 2013/14

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