STAFF: A Return to Our Chalet – Aisling (IRL)


Aisling - Short Term Volunteer After spending an idyllic summer at Our Chalet where I had an amazing time I volunteered to return for a month in late December. I was a little apprehensive of the weather and if it would be much different to the summer. I need not have worried. From the moment I arrived in Adelboden it felt like I had never been away. Yes there was snow everywhere, but the unique character of the Chalet was still there to behold. I settled immediately and renewed old friendships and made new ones.

New Years was magical. After a snow BBQ at Engstligen Falls we returned to the chalet for fondue and an international night. We celebrated all that day with guests and staff from all over the world, from Australia and New Zealand to Denmark and Sweden to the America as the New Year dawned in their home countries. The highlight was when we were standing outside at the fire, listening to the bells and watching the fireworks from the town illuminating the beautiful night sky, all against the backdrop of the sheer natural beauty. What a way to ring in the New Year!

Hot on the heels of New Year’s we looked forward to the Ski World Cup. I have never seen the village so busy!! There was excitement in the air. We had some officials and sponsors staying with us as well as some members of a competitor’s family. We even got to see some of the best skiers in the world!

Ski World Cup All too quickly the days passed and it was time to return to college. It was with a heavy heart and a few tears I said my goodbyes but then as the bus pulled away I smiled, I had been so lucky to get the chance to spend some more time at this beautiful place.

Aisling Blog - Winter Chalet Grounds Aisling Claffey (IRL) Short Term Volunteer – Winter 2013/14


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