STAFF: A peak into peaks! – Angie (CA)


Hi Everyone, I’m Angie from Vancouver Canada.  I’ve spent my summer here at Our Chalet as a summer vollie and could not be more excited about it! 

Angie in the clouds

Falk and Helen Storrow could not have picked a more perfect place for the chalet nestled in the heart of the mountains. It is this very aspect that I have enjoyed the most about being here; with the mountains so close it makes it so easy to get to the top and admire Switzerland’s beauty from a new perspective.

It is my personal challenge to hike over 20,000 meters over several peaks and I am well on my way to reaching that goal.

The first peak I summited was Bunderspitz within the first few weeks here. At 2546 meters high it is the third highest peak I’ve been to and one of my favourites. You really get the sense of being high above the world and the view on a clear day is unparalleled. Even on a cloudy day when all you can see are your feet on the rock below, the feeling of bringing yourself that high simply by continuing to place of foot in front of the other is so rewarding. It shows you the power that you posses and that you are capable of so much more then you may realize sometimes. I think it is my favourite simply because it was the first peak I summited here and it got me hooked, giving me the desire to climb to the top of as many mountains as I possibly could in my time here.

Angie - Bunderspitz

My second favourite peak that I’ve been to is Faulhorn. At 2680m it is the highest of my peaks and is located near Grindelwald and I like it because it is the only one have have done on my own. It is wonderful to share a summit with someone but is amazing in a completely different way when you are able to do it on your own. Knowing you have only yourself to encourage you and only yourself to look out for you, allows you to become self reliant in a way like no other. At points you are tired and all you want to do stop and turn back but you have dig deep to find the strength to continue. Basking in the impressive glory of the Swiss alps and the Eiger gives new appreciation for the world and all that it is capable of.

Angie - Ammertenspitz

My third favourite peak is Ammertespitz. Sitting at 2613 meters it is the second highest peak I’ve summited. The day Kathleen and I hiked it was the perfect day for hiking; a combination of sun and clouds resulting in a prefect temperature and would even suit Goldilocks. The morning was tough as we had a long way up to go. Once we reached the pass right before the peak our excitement came over use and we made it to the peak quicker then expected.

We marveled in amazement at the surrounding mountains and enjoyed lunch in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I took my classic “I’ve reach the top of a mountain” picture and we carried on to a white-blue-white trail (the hardest level of hiking trail) which took us to two more peaks before heading back to the chalet for dinner.

As of now I have hiked to 16,970 meters leaving me with just over 3000 meters to go! At the beginning of the summer 20,000 meters seemed like an unimaginable task but with the end so near I am so proud I’ve push myself to hike on days when I really just didn’t want to. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to live amongst these mountains that allow you to see what the world looks like from the top of it.

Angie - top of the mountain

Angie Skidmore (CA)
Summer Volunteer 2013

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