STAFF: 1 in 10 million – Sarah (USA)


Do you ever think for a second and realize that you are only 1 person in this huge world?

It can be a depressing thought.
Sitting back and thinking, “What can only 1 person do?”

When those thoughts creep into my head,
I am lucky enough to sit back and remember,
I am a Girl Scout,
and I am 1 in 10 million.

As a young Girl Scout living in Oklahoma I never quite realized this.
I went to my weekly troop meetings in the school year,
and when summer came I headed to Camp Kate Portwood for some Girl Scout camp fun.

Volunteering at Our Chalet has shown me a new side of Scouting and Guiding
We are 10 million members strong around the world, which means I have 10 million people on my side,helping to make the world a better place.

Volunteers on training - hike to Bonderspitz

To illustrate this message to the lucky young women that visit Our Chalet, at closing campfire we sing a song.

The song goes like this…
“I am one voice, and I am singing.
I am one voice, and I am singing.
I am one voice, and I am singing.
I am not alone…”
and on that, one person will stand up with them,
they will proceed to sing “We are two voices, and we are singing”at the end of each verse another group stands up,
as we go threw 10 voices, 100 voices, 1 thousand voices, 10 thousand voices, 1 million voices, and then 10 million voices.
Then at the end, when the entire group is one large circle,
we revert back and sing “we are 1 voice, and we are singing”

At the recent campfire, two nights ago,
A fellow vollie stood up and sang the solo part,
and then I stood and was her second voice.
While singing with just my fellow Vollie,
I thought, “what if one of us messes up?”
Luckily, neither of us did,
however, about the time it got to 10 million,
my fellow Vollie flubbed a word,
I overheard this, because I was directly next to her,
however, the rest of the group, “the 10 million” voices,
were able to cover her small mistake without everyone noticing.

That just proves that when we stand alone, everyone notices our faults,
but when we stand up, with our 10 million voices loud, no one will notice 1 person’s fault.
This is why I am blessed to be a Girl Scout.

Sarah Labude, Oklahoma (USA)

Summer Volunteer, 2012

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