A suspension bridge lunch


Hello there lovely reader.Catt

My name is Catherine but everybody calls me Catt…with the latest version of the name being Kitty Cat since we had a special Rocky Horror Picture Show evening extravaganza this summer. I don’t like it much of course but what can I do?

I am from England, Surrey to be precise but I’m going through induction to become a Croatian.

I love kittens, food, challenging hiking and putting funny songs together. My fashion style is  not yet defined as I’m still young and in forming, but my manager says that I have great potential of representing iconic 40s fashion style. I’ll work on it as I do love challenge.

I talk very proper, perhaps that is because I grew up without much TV. I am now working on catching up with, watching a long list of movies my friends compiled for me as ‘a must sees’. I love the colour of yellow.

I have worked at Our Chalet as a volunteer in past Winter season 2010-2011 and fell in love with snow and all what that entails as a beginner skier. Naturally, when I got the invitation that Our Chalet wants me back as a Guest services volunteer, I jumped up of the excitement as my curles touched the ceiling. I love working and resolving problems while having lot of fun and laughs with my fellow staff. When it comes to work they don’t really give me much slack but I guess there is a higher purpose to it all, and the future will reveal itself step by step. When it will happen? You never know, do you? This is it, and that is all you will find out about me this time…and if you want to know more…

…come meet me at Our Chalet and we can have a nice cuppa tea. I’ll be hanging around  here until the end of October.

P.S. Today I baked scones for the first time in my life…they are all gone so I guess they were a success. I want to bake some cake next.

And here are a few words with a song I compiled when we went to the suspension bridge…just like that, out of the blue for lunch.

Suspension Bridge - KS and CM Suspension Bridge - Group Suspension Bridge - Lunch

One sunny day last week we took a trip to the suspension bridge that is hanging over the Engstliga river on the way down towards Frutigen…it takes about 12 minutes drive in our famous blue van…we locked up the house and went for lunch. So I made up a song (to the tune of one of my favorite campfire songs: Meatballs) about our lunch break let me know what you think and maybe I can put together a song about you!

On top of a mountain, at Our Chalet,
We all packed our lunch, and headed away.
We stopped at the bridge, suspended up high,
And then we pretended, that we could all fly.
We all crossed the bridge, and onto solid ground,
But not before the vollies, had jumped up and down.
We sat in the sun, and got out our lunch,
Attacked by wasps, as we started to munch.
A refreshing drink, homemade at the café,
Topped off our lunch, we wish we could stay.

Catt Moody (UK)
Guest Services Volunteer – Summer 2011


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